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Friday, February 26, 2010

lagu buku ende hkbp mp3 (standard and new musical arrangements)

Buku Ende is a christian hymnal song book used by HKBP and other Batak churches. It has many beautiful songs and inspiring lyrics. This has inspired me to make new musical arrangements for the songs using recent musical styles, quite different from the musical arrangements that are usually used in the Batak churches' services. However some of music listed here still use the original arrangement based on piano or pipe organ (indicated as "Pipe Organ").

I will be continuously updating this page every time I finish creating mp3 for each song. So stay tuned for the updates. Choose a music by clicking one of the links listed below. Look at the lyrics, sing it out loud, and enjoy the music! God bless you all.

Buku Ende
BE 018 Ungkap Bahal Na Ummuli (Pipe Organ)
BE 045 Hosianna Anak Ni (Pipe Organ)
BE 137 Raphon Tuhan Jesus I (Pipe Organ)
BE 169 Ho, Sipangolu au ---- NEW!
BE 207 Sai Tiop Ma Tanganku (Band)
BE 223 Husomba Ho, Tuhan (Band)
BE 366 O ale Jesus Tuhanki (Band)
BE 368 Tuhan Jesus, Tuhan Jesus (Band)
BE 449 Sai Solhot Tu SilangMi (Pipe Organ)
BE 471 Hupillit Jesus Donganhi
BE 474 Ingkon Jesus do donganku (Band)

Buku Logu
BL 423 Ai Ho Do Nampuna Harajaon (Pipe Organ)

For lyrics: click here and enter the number.

BE = Buku Ende
BL = Buku Logu (for organ/piano)